Press Releases

Kidnapping 2013-11795

Incident Type: Kidnapping Incident Location: Downtown Glenwood Springs GSPD Case: 2013-11795 On Friday evening, 07/26/2013 at approximately 5:30 pm, a juvenile female was walking in the downtown area of Glenwood Springs. She passed by a male on the sidewalk who grabbed her and forced her into his truck. The male proceeded to drive around for [...]

Burglary 2013-3895

Last Friday the 15th of March a residential burglary was committed in Park West subdivision. The burglary occurred in the morning, possibly between 8:00 AM and noon, while the occupants of the home were away. Entry was made by forcing open a side door into a garage, then forcing a door from the garage into [...]

Walmart Homicide – 2002

INCIDENT DATE: Father’s Day, 06/16/2002 LOCATION: Walmart, 3010 Blake Ave AGENCY CASE NUMBER: 2002-2071 SUMMARY: On June 16th, 2002 at approximately 11:30 PM, a homicide occurred at the Glenwood Springs Wal-Mart store. An employee of the store, Thomas Lubchenco, was found fatally wounded by a gunshot in a storage area. A second employee encountered the [...]

Peeping Tom

Press Release July 26th, 2012 Peeping Tom Incidents Over the past two weeks the GSPD has had three reports of a peeping tom/trespasser during the night hours on residential properties in the old downtown neighborhood. These reports have included an incident of a resident seeing someone outside their window using a digital camera, someone seen [...]

US Bank Robbery – Arrest Warrant Issued

Press Release June 26th, 2012 US Bank Robbery on April 27th, 2012 On June 25th an arrest warrant was granted for the arrest of Mark Douglas Osterloo, date of birth 02/06/1967, in connection with the April robbery of the US Bank at 802 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs. Osterloo, a resident of Denver, is charged through [...]