[frame]Evidence Processing[/frame]The Investigations Division is staffed by two Detectives and one supervisor, a Detective Sergeant. The GSPD also has an officer assigned to the (TRIDENT), a multi-agency Drug Task Force that operates throughout the 9th Judicial District.

The Investigations Division focus on all major crime categories including homicide, robbery, sexual assault, burglary and major thefts. The Detective’s primary responsibilities include crime scene management; collection, storing and processing of evidence; conducting interviews and interrogations of suspects, witnesses and victims; operation of specialized equipment; and preparation of warrants, affidavits and other official documents.

Along with crimes usually associated with resort communities we are seeing an increase in property crime, such as residential and business burglaries and vehicle break-in’s.

Patrol Officers complete the initial reports; however, cases that are complex in nature or that will require substantial time and resources are assigned to investigations. The Investigations Division schedule is designed to be flexible so that: (1) they are available to assist the Patrol Division as much as possible, and (2) to conduct proactive enforcement operations.

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