Counterfeit City of Glenwood Springs Checks

The City of Glenwood Springs would like to raise awareness of a scam being reported in our community.  Counterfeit checks purporting to be issued from the City of Glenwood Springs have been sent out through the United States Postal Service.


This is a SCAM!  These checks are not legitimate and, once they are deposited, the scammer will ask for a portion of the money be wired back.  Later, the check will bounce through the victim’s bank and that person will be out the funds withdrawn and given to the scammer.


The City of Glenwood Springs will NEVER ask you to wire funds to a third party.  If you are ever in doubt of the authenticity of a check from the City of Glenwood Springs, please call our Finance Department at (970) 384-6455.  Also, if you’re in doubt about the legitimacy of offers that seem too good to be true, feel free to contact GSPD at (970) 384-6500.