The Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport is a general aviation facility owned and operated by the City of Glenwood Springs via the Airport Enterprise Fund. In addition to providing flight-related services, the Airport hosts fly-ins and community events throughout the year, including a Young Eagles chapter for youth ages 8-17.

view of runway looking south with plane and hot air balloon


  • Lat: N39°30.50'
    Long: W107°18.69'
  • Elevation: 5916 Ft MSL
  • RWY: 14/32      3305x50 Feet
    Asphalt - Excellent Condition
    • RWY 32 preferred for arrivals
    • RWY 14 for departures (winds permitting)
      • RWY 14 departure: stay left over Highway 82 until leaving 7,000 for noise abatement.
  • Lights: None
  • Radio: CTAF/SUPER UNICOM 123.0
    (click mike 3 times for weather / 4 times for radio check)

Airport Services:

  • 100LL - (24 Hour Self Service, Credit Card) - $5.09/gal
  • Jet A - (24 Hour Self Service, Credit Card) - $5.75/gal
  • Courtesy Car
  • Bicycles Available
  • FBO with free WiFi and Shower
  • NO Landing Fees
  • Non Commercial Tie-Down Fees: $10/night
    • Monthly tie-down parking available
  • Commercial Tie-Down Fees $50/day
  • Refuelers $50/day
  • Aircraft Maintenance Shop - Aircraft Repair, LLC 970-928-7912

Noise and Landing Procedures:

  • Pattern altitudes of 1,000 are recommended. The AIM (4-3-4) suggests that high-performance aircraft should fly patterns 500' higher than low performance 7,000 MSL
  • Prefer RWY 32 for arrivals and RWY 14 for departures
    (winds permitting)
  • No touch and goes
  • Night landings prohibited

General Information:

  • Winds usually increase in the afternoon!
  • RWY 32 slopes up to north giving a mild optical illusion. If unfamiliar with the airport, local pilots suggest 6500 MSL at the poplar trees until near the river.
  • Numerous 25-50' buildings, equipment and tie-downs approx. 200' from center-line of RWY - both sides
  • Mountainous terrain surrounding airport
  • RCO 122.2 (DEN FSS)
  • Nearby RIL AWOS 970-625-2206 and EGE AWOS 970-524-7386 are helpful for sky conditions, altimeter, winds
  • Click mic 3x on 123.0 for automated weather updates
  • Click mic 4x for radio check
  • Check out our webcams for current weather and airport conditions

Micro Tower/UNICOM >>

Call in for the current METAR over Phone: +1 617 262 3825

Check out our webcams for current weather and airport conditions >>

  1. Meredith Fox

    Airport Manager
    Phone: 970-384-6307 / 970-445-0965

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