All monetary transactions are handled through the Finance Department.

Any requests for VIN inspections, Fingerprints, Photos, Clearance Letters, Records Check, Interstate Compact Treatment Registration, Animal impound/ quarantine/ kennel or tag fees, Tow Fees/Storage shall first arrange payment prior to receiving services.

**This means that we no longer offer VIN inspections after hours unless you have a receipt from Finance Dept showing that payment has been made.

Common Services

Records — Report copy $15.00 base fee plus $0.25 per page (Reports can be faxed or emailed)

Bicycle Registration — No charge

Regular VIN Check (Vehicle Identification Number) — $15 fee

  • Can by done by front desk personnel or an officer

Certified VIN Check —  $20 fee

  • Only a specially trained Law Enforcement Officer can perform a Certified VIN Check. The GSPD has a few officers who are trained to perform these checks. Please call us at (970) 384-6500 to make arrangements. You may also check with the Colorado State Patrol or the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, if one of our officers is not available.

Fingerprinting for Pre-Employment Background Checks

  • For backgrounds checks mandated by the State of Colorado, please visit CBI Fingerprinting Locations then follow the respective links or call the listed phone numbers to schedule an appointment.
    • GSPD does not offer this service
  • Physical fingerprint cards can also be done for other states or for federal background checks.
    • This service is for Glenwood Springs residents only. Residents of other jurisdictions should contact their local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.
    • Physical fingerprints can be done during business hours, without an appointment.
    • There is a $20 fee per fingerprint card (may be paid with credit/debit card or check)

List of Service Fees

  • Police Report Copy – $0.25 per page
  • Video Tape Copy – $15 each
  • Audio Tape Copy – $10 each
  • CD / DVD Copy – $15 each
  • Photograph – $5 each
  • Report Research Fee – Call us
  • Fingerprints (Digital) – Set by IdentoGO
  • Fingerprints (Hard card) – $20
  • Certified VIN Check – $20
  • Regular VIN Check – $15
  • Bicycle Registration – Free
  • Clearance Letter – $10
  • Records Check – $15
  • Interstate Compact Treatment Registration – $50
  • Animal Quarantine – $25 per day
  • Animal Impound – $25 (1st), $50 (2nd), $100 (3rd offense and up)
  • Kennel Fee – Dog $20
  • Kennel Fee – Cat $15
  • City License for Dog / Cat – $15
  • Abandoned Vehicle Impound – $150 minimum
  • Vehicle Storage at City Impound Lot – $10 per day
  • Vehicle Storage at Tow Company Lot – Set by company
Police Reception

NOTE: If you need Criminal History information beyond GSPD records contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at (303) 239-4222 and ask for Records, or go online to: