ALL monetary (cash and check) transactions will be handled through the Finance Department.

Any requests for VIN inspections, Fingerprints, Photos, Clearance Letters, Records Check, Interstate Compact Treatment Registration, Animal impound/ quarantine/ kennel or tag fees, Tow Fees/Storage shall first go to Finance Department for payment prior to receiving services.

**This means that we no longer offer VIN inspections after hours unless you have a receipt from Finance Dept showing that payment has already been made.

Common Services

Records — Report copy $15.00 base fee plus $0.25 per page (Reports can be faxed or emailed)

Bicycle Registration — No charge

Regular VIN Check (Vehicle Identification Number) — $15 fee

  • Can by done by front desk personnel or an officer

Certified VIN Check —  $20 fee

  • Only a specially trained Law Enforcement Officer can perform a Certified VIN Check. The GSPD has a couple officers who are trained to perform these checks. Please call us at (970) 384-6500 to make arrangements. You may also check with the Colorado State Patrol or the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office if one of our officers is not available.

Fingerprinting for pre-Employment

Digital fingerprints are offered by GSPD using IdentoGO equipment. These fingerprints are only for backgrounds checks mandated by the State of Colorado and are by appointment only. We cannot accept cash or personal checks for this service.

To view all Colorado locations, go to CBI Fingerprinting Locations then follow the respective links or call the listed phone numbers to schedule an appointment.


Physical fingerprint cards can also be done for other states or for federal background checks. This service is for Glenwood Springs residents only. Residents of other jurisdictions should contact their local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.

List of Service Fees

  • Police Report Copy – $0.25 per page
  • Video Tape Copy – $15 each
  • Audio Tape Copy – $10 each
  • CD / DVD Copy – $15 each
  • Photograph – $5 each
  • Report Research Fee – Call us
  • Fingerprints (Digital) – Set by IdentoGO
  • Fingerprints (Hard card) – $20
  • Certified VIN Check – $20
  • Regular VIN Check – $15
  • Bicycle Registration – Free
  • Clearance Letter – $10
  • Records Check – $15
  • Interstate Compact Treatment Registration – $50
  • Animal Quarantine – $25 per day
  • Animal Impound – $25 (1st), $50 (2nd), $100 (3rd offense and up)
  • Kennel Fee – Dog $20
  • Kennel Fee – Cat $15
  • City License for Dog / Cat – $15
  • Abandoned Vehicle Impound – $150 minimum
  • Vehicle Storage at City Impound Lot – $10 per day
  • Vehicle Storage at Tow Company Lot – Set by company
Police Reception

NOTE: If you need Criminal History information beyond GSPD records contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at (303) 239-4222 and ask for Records, or go online to: