Last Friday the 15th of March a residential burglary was committed in Park West subdivision. The burglary occurred in the morning, possibly between 8:00 AM and noon, while the occupants of the home were away. Entry was made by forcing open a side door into a garage, then forcing a door from the garage into the home. Taken were electronics, such as a TV and laptop computer, jewelry, and other assorted items. The thieves then opened the vehicle door to the garage and left.

A frequent method of determining available homes to target for burglary is for a thief to knock or ring doorbells in an area, or to sit and watch people leaving for work. This helps them determine the potential targets as they find homes unoccupied. If anyone in the area observed any suspicious vehicles or people last Friday we would ask that you contact the Glenwood Springs Police Department.

Over the course of the past two months there have also been repeated spates of entry into unlocked vehicles during late night hours, with the thieves taking electronics, cash, and in two instances firearms that were left in the vehicles. There have been two arrests of local boys, ages 14 – 15, made in some of those vehicle break-ins. Several items have been returned to owners, and the Police Department would like to remind and encourage people to both lock their vehicles and remove all items of value at night. From the value and quantity of items taken from vehicles over the weeks it is apparent that many people are failing to do either.

The first arrest made on the thefts from vehicles were aided by the alert observations of a neighbor returning to his house in the early morning hours and noticing two young males with flashlights walking near vehicles. The Police were immediately contacted and one boy was arrested at the scene. Subsequent events led to the arrest of a second boy believed to be involved. The neighbor’s observations and quick call allowed for the solving of many of these crimes. It is hoped someone’s observations may help to solve the burglary as well.

Please contact Glenwood Springs Police Department at 384-6500 if you have any information on these or other crimes.

Terry Wilson
Chief of Police