Chief of Police

Chief Terry WilsonWelcome to the Glenwood Springs Police Department website. This website was designed and is maintained by one of our Detectives, Matt Gronbeck. I think it demonstrates that our personnel are young, energetic, technically proficient, and enjoy opportunities to provide information and service to our community and visitors.

In this time of national financial downturn we find that technology can provide some relief to constrained budgets through systems like our on-line reporting for certain incidents. The balancing act becomes how to maximize ease of access and the convenience of reporting through phone or website with the basic premise that each call for service is important and deserves personal attention and contact. GSPD is committed to maintaining high-quality customer service, proactive Patrol, strong traffic enforcement and a cooperative approach to problem solving with citizens, businesses and visitors.

The methods involved in our day-to-day operations have certainly changed a lot since I began my career here in 1984, but the basic premise of protecting people and property still applies. Our Department strives to provide extensive training for all of our Officers, and commits to mentoring each Officer to a level of investigative competence that is often reserved for full-time Detectives. We take pride in an Officer’s ability to handle calls from “a barking dog to a burglary in progress”, and we work to provide them the tools and assistance to be successful in all the services we provide. It is a pleasure each day to work with the dedicated men and women of GSPD and do our part for the City of Glenwood Springs.

Terry L. Wilson – Chief of Police