Animal Control

The Code Enforcement Officer and Patrol Officers respond to calls for service involving animal control issues. The GSPD will respond to calls involving dogs running at large, vicious dogs, and barking dogs.  Cats are free-roaming animals, and are not considered to ever be “running at large.”

During summer months, officers also routinely respond to and assist the Colorado Division of Wildlife with calls involving bears.

Please see the following guides for humane removal techniques of Raccoons and Skunks:

What if your dog has been impounded?

Dogs are kept safe at the Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) shelter, however, you must first contact GSPD prior to having your dog released.

There will be no animals released during the weekend or on holidays.

Animals will only be released Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.  You will need to contact personnel at the GSPD front desk between those hours, excluding holidays, by calling (970) 384-6500.

Fees and vaccinations are required
  • Quarantine | $25
  • Impound Fee | $25 – 1st Offense | $50 – 2nd Offense | $100 thereafter
  • Kennel Fee | $20 – Dogs | $15 – Cats
  • City License | $5 – Altered Animal | $15 – Non-altered Animal

Municipal Ordinances related to Animal Control

Vicious Animal 100.020.070 GSMC | A person shall be held strictly liable for owning, keeping or harboring a vicious animal.  For purposes of this Section, a vicious animal is any animal that inflicts unprovoked bites or attacks human beings or other animals either on public or private property or acts in a vicious or terrorizing manner, or approaches any person in an apparent attitude of attack upon the street, sidewalks or any ground or place commonly used by the public.  (Code 1971 §§3-18, 3-35; A 18-98 §6; A 30-04 §1)

Animal Running at Large 100.020.120(A)(4) | Circumstances in which animal ownership, custody, maintenance or control creates, contributes to, or permits any of the following undesirable animal conduct or conditions upon public or private property causing injury or substantial annoyance, or discomfort to the health and welfare of others shall be unlawful.

Animal Disturbing the Peace 100.020.110 GSMC | It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain any animal or fowl within the City which disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.  (Code 1962 §20.6; Code 1971 §3-1)

Animal Littering 100.020.040 GSMC | Any person owning, harboring or having charge of any animal shall forthwith pick up, remove and dispose of in a sanitary fashion any and all animal feces attributable to such animal.  In addition to any penalty therefor, the failure of such person to pick up, remove and dispose of all animal feces attributable to his/her animal is hereby declared to be a nuisance and shall be subject to abatement as provided in Section 100.010.050.  (Code 1971 §3-34; A 18-98 §4)