Please call the Clerk & Recorder’s Office at 970-384-3700

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office is located next door to the Police Department.  Their address is 107 8th St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.

All traffic and parking tickets, as well as court fines can be conveniently paid online using major credit card, debit card, money order or eCheck.  To pay a fine online, click here.

Fines can also be paid during business hours by calling the Glenwood Springs Municipal Court at 970-384-6530 or mailing a check made payable to ‘City of Glenwood Springs’ to:

Glenwood Springs Municipal Court
101 W 8th St
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

The Glenwood Springs Police Department is responsible for all incidents occurring within their jurisdiction.  To find out the jurisdictional boundaries, please click here to view the map. All incidents occurring within the black border are handled by the Police Department.  Enclaves (indicated by the blue borders) have not been annexed and fall outside the jurisdiction of the Police Department.

If you need to report an incident that occurred outside the jurisdiction of the Police Department, please call the Sheriff’s Department at 970-625-8095.

If you had property belonging to you that was seized as evidence, typically the property cannot be released until the case has made its way through the court system.

Step 1: Contact the District Attorney’s Office at 970-945-8635 and request to have the property released.  Once the property can be released, the DA can provide you with an evidence/property release letter.

Step 2: Either the DA or you will have to provide the Police Department with this letter from the DA clearly stating which exhibits can be released.  Please be sure to make an appointment before coming to the Police Dept because only the Investigations Division has access to evidence.  If you show up unexpectedly, there may or may not be someone available to pull the property from the evidence room. If an Investigator is unavailable you will have to return at a later time – no exceptions!