For traffic mitigation during the closure of the Grand Avenue Bridge (GAB) from August through November 2017, Vanpool Permits will be issued through the Glenwood Springs Police Department for businesses that need access to high-occupancy lanes to enable employees to commute to and from work sites. Beginning July 6, 2017, permits can be obtained at the Police Department. The guidelines and requirements for receiving a permit are as follows:

  1. Permits will be issued to businesses with assertion that the vehicles will transport 6 or more employees.
  2. Vehicles, vehicle registration, and insurance will be presented at the Glenwood Springs Police Department for a safety check.
  3. Contact information for sponsoring businesses will be presented and kept on-file.
  4. Permitted vehicles will be allowed access to Wulfsohn Road (Meadows above Target) and Grand Avenue from 23rd Street to 8th Street in high-occupancy/emergency traffic lanes.
  5. The designated lanes will be monitored and enforced. Permitted vans seen repeatedly traveling in these lanes without high-occupancy will be contacted and asked to justify their travel.
  6. Businesses/permitees who are found to NOT use their route access appropriately may have their permits revoked.
  7. Permits will not be issued for carpools/neighborhood sharing or parent school rides for students.
  8. Permitted vehicles using high occupancy lanes must follow all normal traffic regulations (stop lights, crosswalks, speed limits, etc.).
  9. Permitted vehicles will be allowed to “travel empty” in designated lanes only for the purpose of reaching a pick-up point or transfer point to load employees.
  10. Vehicles will display the issued mirror-hanger in the front windshield of the vehicle and a sticker in the rear window of the vehicle at all times.
  11. Permits are assigned to specific vehicles and are not transferable to other vehicles.

The City of Glenwood Springs, Colorado Department of Transportation, and the large partnership of stakeholders in the Grand Avenue Bridge Project, are committed to traffic mitigation measures as one of the best ways to maintain a high quality of life during the project. Each vehicle that is reduced from our roads, particularly during peak hours, is helpful in keeping necessary traffic moving safely. We hope this Vanpool Permit program will be beneficial to your business and employees. Thanks for partnering with the GAB Team!