New Rules for Trail Use

The City of Glenwood Springs will temporarily allow motorized electrical assisted bicycles (e-bikes) on public trails, bike paths, and sidewalks designated as bike paths to increase commuter options during the Grand Avenue Bridge (GAB) closure. The City will also be enforcing a stricter animal leash law, requiring animals to be on a leash that is no more than six-feet in length whenever utilizing any public, hard surface trail or within the boundaries of Two Rivers Park. These two new ordinances are now in effect and will be enforced throughout the duration of the GAB project.

Electric Bikes

Administrative Order 2017-01 temporarily suspends enforcement of Municipal Code Section 090.040.110, as it relates to the use of motorized electrical assisted bicycles on public trails and bike paths. Formerly, all e-bikes were banned from public trails, as they were considered motorized vehicles. In an effort to increase access to alternative transportation options during the GAB closure, pedal-assisted electric bikes with motors of 750w or less and a top speed of 20mph will be allowed on public trails, sidewalks, and bike paths, throughout the GAB detour. City Council and City Staff will evaluate this rule change at the end of the detour, and will determine the long-term future of the new rule at that point.

Leash Requirement

The upcoming 95-day GAB closure will not only impact the amount of congestion on city roads, it will lead to a significant increase in the number of people using the City’s trails and sidewalks to get around town. With this increased traffic on trails, the potential for accidents is also increased. Because of this, the City believes that requiring animals to be leashed is in the interest of public health, safety, and welfare. The new rule is contained in Ordinance 2017-15, and can be viewed at

The City of Glenwood Springs appreciates everyone’s patience and cooperation during this trying time for our community.

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