Press Release

July 26th, 2012

Peeping Tom Incidents

Over the past two weeks the GSPD has had three reports of a peeping tom/trespasser during the night hours on residential properties in the old downtown neighborhood. These reports have included an incident of a resident seeing someone outside their window using a digital camera, someone seen crouching in the bushes possibly with a cell phone, and this morning a woman awakening to find an unknown male had entered her home and her bedroom. Entry was made through an unlocked second story window.

The incident this morning at approximately 0530 ended when the victim awoke and ordered the male to leave, which he did. Although the descriptions in these incidents vary quite a bit, GSPD feels they are likely related. The incidents have been in the 700 block of Bennett and Palmer Avenues. The suspect has been described as male, possibly light/possibly darker skinned, thin/heavy, unknown age. These variations in description are not uncommon with sudden viewing of a suspect in dark conditions.

GSPD will be utilizing multiple patrol tactics to try to identify and arrest this individual. We request that all residents exercise caution with locking doors and windows at night, leave an outside night light illuminated, and immediately notify the Police Department if anything or anyone suspicious is noticed. Although the known incidents have all occurred in close proximity, we encourage all neighborhoods to be alert. Please be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the Glenwood Springs Police Department at 970-384-6500 immediately.

Terry Wilson
Chief of Police