Information Wanted
$25,000 Reward

INCIDENT DATE: Father’s Day, 06/16/2002
LOCATION: Walmart, 3010 Blake Ave

Walmart Homicide - Suspect SketchOn June 16th, 2002 at approximately 11:30 PM, a homicide occurred at the Glenwood Springs Wal-Mart store. An employee of the store, Thomas Lubchenco, was found fatally wounded by a gunshot in a storage area. A second employee encountered the suspect and was injured when the suspect struck him in the head. The gunman was seen exiting the store by other employees and is believed to have fled on foot from the store property.

Police conducted a search of the store property and the adjacent hillside. Tracking was attempted with a Police K9. Infrared and night vision devices were utilized to aid in the nighttime search, but no suspect was located.

The suspect was described as a white male, 5′ 10″ tall with a thin build, and wearing a black ball cap and black jacket. The weapon involved is believed to be a small caliber handgun.

The Glenwood Springs Police Department is requesting any information about the identity of the suspect involved. We are confident that with the public’s help and vigilance, an arrest can be made in this case. All information is important and we encourage you to contact us with any information or leads.

Let’s Solve This Case

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